1. luvkardashjennx:

    August 30th- Kanye performing at the Made In America music festival in Philadelphia

  2. sk8brdp:

    Pharrell performs at the 2014 Budweiser Made In America in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


  3. Can’t believe I saw yeezy and skateboard p in the same weekend

  4. Yeezy shirt I made and wore to made in america yesterday.

  5. goldenfreesoul:

    Jimi Hendrix performing “Purple Haze” at Woodstock Festival, 1969.


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  7. gangsterdoodles:

    DOOM x Burmese Python

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  9. sullenmoons:

    Birth of a Divinity - Salvador Dali

    Dali used a technique called “hypnogogic imagery” to conjure up the extraordinary images in his paintings. He would put a tin plate on the floor and then sit by a chair beside it, holding a spoon over the plate. He would sit on a chair, holding a spoon over the plate. He would then totally relax his body. The moment that he began to doze the spoon would slip from his fingers and clang on the plate, immediately waking him to capture what he had just seen.

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  10. sirmichael:

    @Thedilloncooper 6ix Phones Jersey

  11. No one Ever Really Dies

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  12. "I think perfection is ugly."
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  14. historynet:

    Holding his ground in the severe cold; a Finnish reservist prepares to fight the Soviet invaders in below freezing temperatures, The Winter War 1940. [991x 645]

  15. vintagenatgeographic:

    Kyoto, Japan

    National Geographic | June 1976